Cd Labeling – Things You Need To Know About the CD Labeling Software Programs

CD Labeling is a process of using creating texts and images on the labels of CDs and DVDs. There are lots of options available for doing this. You can manually use markers or use special inks to write song title, artist’s names and logos on the plate. Or, you may choose to use some kind special labeling machines found mainly in recording studios. However, while the above options can help you get the desired texts and background image on your labels, there is another option you may want to consider, this is the use of CD labeling software.

CD Labeling software helps you to create unique labels and designs on the back and pack of your albums. If you want to personalize the label by using your own artwork or photo, this tool can help you create the design. Here are more vital details you need to know about CD Labeling software.

They are easy to install

There are many brands of this tool you and most of these can be installed in easily in your computer or laptop. Once your system has the compatible operating system, you only need to follow the instructions, and after a few clicks, the software is installed.

How the CD labeling software works

The CD Labeling functions primarily to print labels that can be stuck to your CD or DVD jewel cases. Some of these items also print directly on the discs (DVD or CD). You can begin by inserting your text, photos, clipart, and other images you want. You can edit, format, align, resize and add colors to the design and also apply the drag and drop options provided in the software. Once you are done with your design, you can proceed to print on the labels or directly on the back of the disc plate. Some of these software programs allow you to make Use of Templates so you really can choose from hundreds of designs.

Importance of using the CD Labeling software

There are lots of advantages you will enjoy when using the CD Labeling software and these include:

  • it helps you personalize your design
  • it saves time and cost of labeling
  • it easy to use and you may not need the services of professional

Finally, there are many software programs for labeling sold online you can shop for. Some of these include: Disketch Disc Label Software, SureThing CD Labeler, Sonic Express Labeler, Nero Cover Designer, Droppix Label Maker and LightScribe Simple Labeler etc.